Yuen Hing was the first manufacturer of recycled cotton material and yarn spinning to got the certification of Recycled Cotton Standard (GRS) under Control Union in Asia in 2009.

Yuen Hing has been operating recycled cotton raw materials since 1970s and is good at quality control and collection of this product, combines several years of experience in the production of denim cotton yarn & denim fabric and equipped with top imported machines. We can develop high quality recycled cotton denim with a personality and special style. And also can maintain the quality stability for a long period.

Why NOT Recycling Polyester?

Recycling plastic bottles is a very environmentally. Let the plastic bottles continue recycling to plastic bottles, it can be converted into plastic bottles unlimited times in this mature waste sorting processing system. Compared with the raw materials of recycled plastic put into textiles raw materials, produce plastic bottles easier to continue its recycling mission.

The First Certificate of Global Recycle Standard (GRS) 2009

Yuen Hing was the first manufacturer of recycled cotton material and yarn spinning to got the certification of Recycled Cotton Standard (GRS) under Control Union in 2009.

Certificate of Global Recycle Standard (GRS) 2019-2020

Yuen Hing achieved Best Cotton Initiative (BCI) and Global Recycle Standard (GRS) Certification.

Yuen Hing advocates and collects industrial textile waste “pre-consumer waste“. We will collect the yarn waste in the spinning mill and dyeing house and selvage waste in weaving loom. As for the finished clothing “post-consumer waste”, due to the complexity of the recycle process, the energy resources used are increased, and most of the consumption is not in the location of the industrial concentration. We would love to see this type of post-consumer waste as second-hand clothes or redone.


Yuen Hing has high requirements for recycle cotton fabric. First we will store a large amount of recycled cotton source material to ensure the stability of supply and quality. We control the amount of impurities in recycle cotton not exceeding 0.5% to meet the quality inspection standards of worldwide. Yuen Hing develop fabrics are mainly denim, and also supply denim yarn, knitting yarn, and recycled cotton raw materials. All of our recycled Cotton products are available for normal development and production, as well as providing professional advice to buyer eliminate the problem of applies and production of recycling cotton products.

Director of Yuen Hing, Mr. Wong Hing Tong & Business Partners in 1980s

Yuen Hing had produced recycled cotton products to Europe since 1980s.

Overseas Chinese News of Fujian - Newspaper in 2000

Newspaper reported Yuen Hing did ECO friendly recycle manufacturer in China in 2000.

Ta Kung Pao - Newspaper in 1996

Director of Yuen Hing, Mr. Wong Hing Tong, The Chairman of Hong Kong Recycle Cotton Association led the team to discuss with the government of China about the issue of recycled cotton production.

China Recycle Cotton Factory in 1980s

Shenzhen Recycle Cotton Factory in 1980s.

Business License of People's Republic of China

Yuen Hing became the first legally imported recycled cotton and processing enterprise in China.

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